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"The socialization of a child is realized best in children group and the child is best educator and teacher of other children"

The aim of education is achieve overall development and enlightenment of mind, broaden the vision and character building which can be beneficial to a large section of society, So education is be a dynamic process, not only for imparting knowledge but also to generate interest and curiosity, inculcate attitudes and values and teach essential skills for independent study, judgement and free thinking, but freedom does not mean liberty.

If the children are to discover themselves they must be allowed a sufficient degree of freedom, if they are to develop their power to the fullest they must be prepared to accept the appropriate discipline and training.

A school is to a reflection of a large society, in which life can be learnt by living but it should be purified, simplified and better balanced society. To ensure this an efficient system is imperative.

But the efficiency of system of education depends on the quality of teachers. Without good teachers even the best of the system is bound to fail. With good teachers even the defects of the systems ha largely overcome. As a prelude, the density of new India is now being shaped in the classroom of school, so building of character of students must be the essential objective of education.

If the teacher's relation with his students is to be fruitful and if his work with them is to be successful, he must cultivate a quality of sympathy and use his sympathetic imagination.

"The socialization of a child is realized best in children group and the child is best educator and teacher of other children"

There are no rights without corresponding duties and no duties without corresponding rights. The condition of the whole society is reflected in the condition of its students. It is the right of students to expect and receive love and Kindness and understanding.

Success in life requires not only fine qualities but also suitable conditions. Every child should have sensible parents and good home life, These will help students to grow in the healthy manner. Education and training are necessary conditions for success in life.

Work is the secret of success and happiness. We all are storehouse of energy. Without common sense and tact life cannot be successful.

"The Final goal of life is not knowledge but wisdom". Therefore it should be our endeavor to make life successful and so it is rightly said, "Success Succeeds Success".

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