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"The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is that bit of extra which makes one extraordinary"

And certainly when we claim that bit of extra, we have it in more then one way, Education of new millennium is not restricted to certain books, copies and a burden of home work, but it has developed its competitive approach. So vast so stiff, that no one can claim to be the master piece. Ultimately it is a combination of students, teachers and the institution and it this regard, I have no hesitation to claim that our efforts towards meeting the challenge of modern education is bearing fruits in the shape of your response. Thanks to the people of Patna.

The addition of compact disc in the field of education in the session 2001-2002 onwards has shown remarkable improvement in the spoken part on the students which since long the student have suffered, I can assure you that the time to come will see come more addition in the field of education. The introduction of new routine has reduced the burned of the small kids almost more than half without distributing their study. The smile on their face gives me a hearty satisfaction.

I have no hesitation in accepting that radical changes can not be introduced without including society. I am extremally thankful to the parents, students, the intellectual of the township and no doubt the management of Heritage School for the faith, respect and co-operation I have got, without which it would have been just impossible.

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